Craftng Builder's hut

Crafting for Builder's hut: 8 wooden planks, surrounding a wooden door.




The picture above is Wrong Its now 7 Wood of any kind and you builders wand at the top middle and a door of any kind then surround it by wood.

First of all, the Builder does increase in building speed the higher level his hut is. So keep that in mind when making big builds with him. Also make sure he/she gets fed or they wont work.

The Builder will need the player to place resources (cobblestone, coal, wool, sand) into the chest as needed so that the builder may use them to build the buildings you've assigned him to build. They can be any gender. toconstruct a building, you must first craft it's corresponding building chest, place it, and right click on it. Once you do, the chest will open, and you'll have to click Build.

Once the builder runs out of a certain resource necessary for him to continue construction, he will return to his hut. If you right click on him you will find that he will either have a list of things he needs.