Different level of tools impacts the efficiency of work - just like you can mine faster with a diamond pickaxe, so can the miner NPC. hen a tool in use wears out, the worker searches his chest for the kind of tool he uses, so don't forget to supply the lumberjack with axes, the miner with pickaxes and a shovels, and the farmer with hoes - you can change the worker's current tool by dropping it next to him - you cannot place a working chest of one kind within another's working range - the working range of a chest is about 20 tiles radius around it - you can build the predefined working structure by right clicking on a chest with a golden scepter - you can build a fence around it by right clicking on a chest with an iron scepter - workers don't work during the night - they tell you why they're not working by placing signs with 'Out of axes', 'Sleeping' etc. captions - there are more, but I don't remember ;)

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